How We Help

The CVPAF has been assisting kids with performing arts endeavours since 2011.

Performing Arts are defined by the CVPAF as any creative endeavour where the artist uses an aspect of their physical being, such as their body and/or voice as the presentation medium in front of an audience.

Performing arts may include dance, music, opera, singing, theatre and musical theatre, magic/illusion, puppetry, circus arts and performance art.

Performing Arts Benefits:

  • At-Risk Youth: performing arts programs promote positive behaviour and social connections; improve memorisation, concentration & public speaking skills; increase self-confidence, and improve school performance
  • Young Children: performing arts programs promote gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills and also helps to develop and improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork

Take a look and see how we have helped.

Thanks to the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation, my daughter Sierra was able to begin piano lessons four years ago, at age 12, and has continued with lessons ever since. It was Sierra’s biggest wish to have lessons and these would not have been possible without the generous financial support we have received.  She loves the piano and it is such an important part of her day-to-day life; it has given her focus and discipline and opened her to a world of beautiful classical and contemporary music.  We are forever grateful.


Receiving the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation bursary allowed my daughter to attend an Acting for Film camp in Vancouver. This would have been out of my reach financially as a single mother.  Taking this week-long Acting for Film teen camp from excellent teachers in Vancouver gave my daughter the skills and confidence to know she wanted to pursue acting opportunities. Thank you!


Thanks to the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation, our children have been able to continue with their violin studies. They were at a point where they required lessons to keep them growing musically and we would not have been able to provide them at this time. It is an incredible blessing that this support was available to them and we are all greatly appreciative.


The bursary given to us from the CVPAF made it possible for my daughter to follow her aspirations in dance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The scholarships granted by CVPAF have made it possible for me to advance in my training by being able to participate and learn and get professional feedback in extra workshops and in performance/competition opportunities. I am very passionate and dedicated to the art of dance and love learning more about all styles. I plan to pursue dance professionally as a career.  CVPAF is helping me reach that goal and without their  assistance, this may not be possible for me.


The Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Foundation gave Kass the chance and freedom to dance from her heart. To show everyone what she loves and won’t to do for the rest of her life. We are so thankful to them for all of their help.


Our family is tremendously grateful for the support of the CVPAF over the past several years. Their contributions to help reduce the cost of music lessons have been a great help to us, especially after a serious medical diagnosis for one of our children, and the emotional and financial impact that came along with it. Thank you!

Can the CVPAF help you? Applicants can submit funding requests for education and/or training in a number of categories relating to performing arts.

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