About Us

What We Do:

The CVPAF raises funds through donations and grants to assist with fees and costs for classes, workshops and conferences for kids participating in performing arts education and activities.

We invite new and existing students in performing arts categories to apply for funding to assist them in furthering their education and activities in music, dance, theatre and singing.

The CVPAF Mission and Vision:

  • Our Mission is simple ... To enrich the lives of Cowichan Valley youth through bursaries and scholarships dedicated to the performing arts.
  • Our Vision to is also clearly defined … To help support children in the Cowichan Valley to pursue their interests in performing arts programs by assisting in removing financial obstacles which may impede their participation in youth-based performing arts programs

Why We Do It:

The statistics from socio-economic census data and child poverty reports clearly indicated that youth readily involved in extra-curricular activities such as performing arts provided an excellent foundation in establishing focus and goal-setting measures for future success in adulthood.

With federal, provincial and municipal government cut-backs, few funding opportunities existed for individual children and youth wanting to participate in performing arts in the Cowichan Valley. Provincial and federal budget cuts in our public schools created a significant decrease in music & arts programs.

Due to these cutbacks, a decline in participation in extra-curricular activities became prevalent due to increasing costs and competing demands for household income. The CVPAF was formed to ensure At-Risk Youth from low-income households were offered the opportunity to continue with performing arts programs.

These programs are crucial to promoting positive behavior and social connections; improving memorization, concentration & public speaking skills; increasing self-confidence, and improving school performance. For young children, studies indicate that performing arts programs promote gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills and also help develop and improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork.

Enrich the lives of Cowichan Valley youth.

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