Funding Acquisition

GRANTS: The CVPAF applies for applicable grants at the municipal, provincial and federal level. These grants are anticipated to provide a significant portion of the annual funding raised by the CVPAF to help award bursaries and scholarships for performing arts applicants.

SPONSORSHIP AND MEMBERSHIP: The CVPAF uses sponsorship and membership funds to help build the coffers of the donation pool for bursaries and scholarships. To contribute to the CVPAF, select one of the following categories:

  • Corporate Donations
  • Small Business Gifts and Donations
  • Individual Donations and Gifts
  • Executive and Basic Membership Options

EVENTS: The CVPAF hosts several fundraising events throughout the year to build upon the reserves of the donation pool assigned for bursaries and scholarships. These events include performing arts shows, beer and burger nights, raffles, silent auctions, contribution kiosks and partnership programs. The dates and times of our events are posted on our Facebook (Link) page and are also tweeted (link) to those followers on Twitter. Like Us or Follow Us to get up-to-date details of CVPAF fundraising events.